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We at Zenith Foods have a truly passion for Spanish food and tapas which we love to share. Many of us have travelled and eaten across several countries, visited their restaurants but more importantly experienced how locals eat daily in their homes with their loved ones.

It was on these travels that we began to realize how incredible, generous and tasty is the Spanish gastronomy compared to the food we were discovering all over the world. Don't get us wrong! We love all food, but the dishes and ingredients from Spain are well-known from the flavors, aromas and memories around them, so our aim is to convince you to add some of our favorite dishes and ingredients to create new amazing experiences for you and your costumers.

Zenith Foods is a family-owned and operated specialty food exporter based in the heart of rice fields, the Albufera (Valencia, Spain), home of the famous "Paella"! A Valencian rice dish that has ancient roots, but its modern form originated in the mid-19th century and now famous in every corner around the world. We were born to strive to provide our customers with reliable service and quality items at competitive pricing. But that’s not how we are different. We are different because, in the face of gross change in our industry, we remain committed to building relationships with our customers, both the farmers and producers and local distributors and operators. We truly believe our customers’ success is our success, and while our competitors continue to step away from the personal side of this business, we look to build upon our existing foundation of trusted relationships. As a family-owned business we understand the challenges facing the independent operators, distributors and farmers and small/medium producers around the world, and work tireless to provide the business resources, product offering, and reliable services they need to be profitable. We are different, but don’t take our word for it! We will be more than happy to show it.


Alvaro Calduch
Co-Founder & Sales Manager